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Long term investments that drive innovations

Make world a better place by investing into future, and earn money from that. With 0% fees.

Personal advisor will help you to build the best portfolio

Our advisors are specialists in different investment fields, from retirement to general savings, and they are ready to take care of everything — you can rely on their experience.

Cool games +
Investments = Monest Experience

Usually, financial services are boring and technical. We are doing it differently — you play games, we understand you better. Simple as that.

How much you can make Because we charge 0% fees for long term investments, you make more money.

We build you a tailor made portfolio based on the latest nobel prize winning economic and investing theories

Using our behavioral and financial assessment, you quickly understand what type of investor you are and how you treat risk. We use all this information to help you grow your wealth and reach your long term investment goals.
Gender Equality
South America
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Impactful investing has never been easier. Try it out!